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Gunnery Sergeant Spargon Vyrn

Spargon Vryn was one of the first members of The War Series. Spargon was once Assistant Commandant in The War Series, this was before Cadets. He also achieved a max rank of Lieutenant General before the Cadets. He is currently a Gunnery Sergeant nicknamed ‘Gunny’.
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Iron Nugget Bar

Spargon is highly known for his aircraft building capabilities. As well as his ‘Iron Nugget’ series. (Pictured on left.) He joined The War Series in mid-2010. After, started developing ships, forts and even a weapon series. He was one of the first of old-breed TWS to actually make it past the ‘Sergeant’ rank.

His other name-sake ‘Project Twenty-three’ is from when he lost his arm. Little is known about this project, as it was top secret and personal for Spargon Vyrn. Rumors indicate he was captured and tortured, and escaped after breaking out of a pod. Some say this relates to his VAK past as a PFC.

Notable Weapons

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    A pump-action custom shotgun.

    Shotguns: Semi-auto, fully-auto, pump-action. You name it, Spargon loves em'. Stopping power and enough lead to bring a juggernaut down.

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A holstered revolver.

  • Revolvers: Spargon has always loved his six-shooters, with enough stopping power and range, he can bring you down in one shot.

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A Custom Plasma Katana. Designed for Spargon Vyrn.

  • Plasma Katana (Custom):

The plasma katana is a super-heated weapon that can slice right through most people and armor in one hit. It’s heated by super-core crystals and high-frequency radio waves. Even when the weapon is turned off with heat, it can easily slice someone’s arm off. This was made purely for Spargon Vyrn, due to his skill with a katana.


  • Spargon was a Private First Class in the Vaktovian Empire.
  • His brother, Tidus Vyrn [TrueGarno], was also in VAK, but only as a VAC.
  • Spargon is a R&D team member.