Commonly Known as "Scoot" . Joined TWS late February 2012. Was involved in the Crimson assault military Under the original owner Starbarrier, to eventually become part of the CAM Royal Guard. Was recruited through friend then 2nd Lieutnant Scremoskullz. Originally joined through TOBT and continued after the division was dis-banded. Known for aggressive combat skills with both blade and firearms as long has his extensive knowledge with that of fire and maneuvering tactics created for the modern battlefields.


Scoot when being considered for the competitive postion of Lance Corporal

Scoot brings his dedication and effort to The War Series in high supply. After briefly attempting to learn to build and create places and weapons for TWS( and un-fortunately discovering no talent in the area), he resulted to creating outside material to entertain his comrades such as writing TWS stories of fiction and TWS inspired pictures. To bring his fellow marines closer together by involving them in his writings. He continues to create things even though he is on hiatus with TWS

TWS trio

Lindsay, The Commandant, and himself

Spargon-23 (1)



Trivia: Edit

  • Created various amount of TWS Fanfiction for Comrades(still secretly hopes the commandant will put the good ones in the library in OPFAC)
  • Was a High Ranking Officer in the Crimson Assault Military before committing to TWS
  • Is currently In-active due to work, but hopes to make his comeback soon.
  • Was involved in TWS: Airforce , Marine Corps(when seperate division existed), and Blood Bound.